Nils Sjöberg

Nils Sjöberg European Patent Attorney Back Nils Sjöberg [...]

Nils Sjöberg2021-06-11T16:24:41+02:00

Rune Pettersson

Rune Pettersson Rune Pettersson has been working as an attorney-at-law at Brann since 2002. Prior to 2002, he worked [...]

Rune Pettersson2020-03-24T11:18:32+01:00

Ann Danared

Ann Danared Attorney-at-Law Back Ann joined Brann in [...]

Ann Danared2021-06-11T11:47:58+02:00

Annika Kilander

Annika Kilander European Patent Attorney Back Annika [...]

Annika Kilander2021-06-11T13:57:10+02:00

Tomas Johansson

Tomas Johansson Attorney-at-Law Back Tomas has more [...]

Tomas Johansson2021-06-11T13:49:07+02:00

Harriet Allee

Harriet Allee Partner - European Patent Attorney Back [...]

Harriet Allee2021-06-11T11:25:40+02:00

Omar Baki

Omar Baki Managing Partner/Attorney-at-Law Back Mr. Omar [...]

Omar Baki2021-06-11T11:28:57+02:00

Ida Christensen

Ida Christensen European Patent Attorney Back Ida [...]

Ida Christensen2021-06-11T11:38:44+02:00

Gustaf Örn

Gustaf Örn European Patent Attorney Back Gustaf [...]

Gustaf Örn2021-06-11T17:03:58+02:00

Astrid Johnsson

Astrid Johnsson Attorney-at-Law Back Astrid has been [...]

Astrid Johnsson2021-06-11T13:54:09+02:00
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