General terms and conditions of business

Costs that arise in connection with, for example, the handling of patent and trademark tasks can be difficult to estimate in advance, partly on account of the nature and complexity of the task(s) in question, and partly due to the difficulty of estimating the time and other input required to complete the commission. It is the customer’s responsibility – before the commission is awarded – to request information from Brann in order to evaluate all the costs that may arise in connection with the performance of the task.

Debiting rules

For each individual assignment, the debiting of the costs involved is divided between the three types of costs in accordance with the applicable price list:

1. Administration fees (e.g. preparation and monitoring fees)
2. Hourly charges
3. Expenses

Offers and information about costs

Offers and information about costs can be supplied on request. Fixed-price offers can only be made for commissions whose costs can, in their entirety, be determined in advance. Moreover, fixed prices only apply to the types of costs over which Brann has full control.

Complete document

The complete text of our terms and conditions is presented in the PDF document that you can download by clicking the link below:

BRANN AB’s general terms and conditions of business

General Conditions of the Association of Intellectual Property Law Firms in Sweden (AU20)