Tobii develops eyetracking technology, which renders it possible for a computer to know exactly what you look at. An eyetracker can also read off your presence, attention, focus, sleepiness, awareness or other mental states. This information can be used to gain deep insights into consumer behavior or to design new user interfaces for different types of technical products.

Since the start in 2001, Tobii has continuously developed its offer and established a presence worldwide. The Tobii Group today consists of three business units:

Tobii Pro, World leading supplier for helping business and science professionals to gain valuable insights into human behavior,
Tobii Dynavox, World leading supplier for helping individuals with different physical and cognitive limitations live richer and more independent lives, and
Tobii Tech, provides the world’s leading eye tracking technology to consumer electronics and other volume products.

Joakim Wihlsson at Brann has represented Tobii since 2002, and has since then assisted the company in developing their patent portfolio. We are very happy with the continuity that this has given us, says Trent Smith, patent manager at Tobii.