”RenFuel is a young research company within green chemistry with high ambitions and large potential in development of renewable fuel from the forest, which means that we place high demands on the skills and the commitment of the patent attorney. We are more than pleased with the patent attorneys at Brann that work with us” says Sven Löchen, CEO at RenFuel AB.

RenFuel has developed a technique that makes it possible to in an effective manner convert lignin from black liquor, a byproduct of the pulping process, so that it can be used e.g. in refinery processes to produce biofuels. The company collaborates at present with large forestry and refinery companies and development is progressing rapidly. “Brann works professionally and we very much appreciate how much Brann always focuses on what is best for our business”.

Basse Asplund is the key account manager at Brann:

“As a polymer chemist I especially enjoy to be able to work in this particular technical field and it is important as a patent attorney to know enough about the technology to be able to always ask the relevant questions.”

“It is extremely enjoyable to be working with RenFuel since I am a part of many different aspects, spanning from agreement clauses, to negotiations with collaborating partners, to IP strategies – and of course also patent applications. I am driven by the fact that RenFuel place high demands on my work, and they want me to work closely to their developers.