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BRANN AB was founded in 1949 by Dr. Ludwig Brann who emigrated from Germany in the 30s. He came to Sweden with an extensive international business network that he had created by teaching intellectual property law in Germany.

Due to the situation in Germany at that time many of his students also emigrated and spread over the world, which Dr. Brann could benefit from later. Due to Dr. Brann’s large international business network BRANN AB has always had many large foreign companies as clients, in particular in the US. There are still individuals all over the world who remember Dr. Brann as the authority and visionary he was in the field of intellectual property.

Ludwig Brann managed the firm until he died in 1975 during a business trip. After his death his daughter, Irene Brann-Nilsson led the firm until 1986 when Brann was taken over by the staff. Since then Brann is employee owned. Very early on offices were established in Stockholm and Uppsala, and today Brann has local offices also in Malmö and in Gothenburg.

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