Novelty searches

Novelty searches can be used for different purposes

  • To find out the state of the art in a particular technical field, also referred to as a technology overview:
  • To find out if an idea or a product is already known, for example, before applying for a patent or beginning developing a new product;
  • To find anticipatory art in view of a disturbing granted patent, or pending application; or,
  • To verify the validity of a patent, for example, before suing someone for infringing the patent.

Novelty searches for the above purposes are based on a description of the technical field of interest or based on specific classes, on a technical description of the new idea or product, or on the wording of the claims, with ample margin. The novelty search typically involves searching databases and assessment of the technical content of the documents found. Our consultants first discuss the relevant technical field with you, then define a matching search with a suitable scope, and select appropriate keywords.

When the intention is to apply for a patent for a new idea or invention Brann’s consultants can analyze the results from the novelty search and assess the patentability of the invention. Before we help you draft an appropriate application.

A novelty search can also be carried out to find out if someone else has already applied for or registered an identical or similar design in different markets. A novelty search in view of a design is based on images of the product from different angles and details on the type of product and its intended use.