Skapa IP-rättigheter

Creating IP rights

Intellectual assets, including registered intellectual properties in the form of patents, trademarks and designs, can be critical for the establishment and survival of an innovative, research focused company. Intellectual assets are also of considerable importance for the establishment on new markets and for mergers and acquisitions. For some companies, the intellectual assets constitute the greater part of the company value.

Previously the need for intellectual properties was mainly a concern for companies with a strong focus on research and development, such as companies within the pharmaceutical and electronics industries. However, the importance of intellectual property is now highly recognized among most industries, including manufacturing industries and industries related thereto. As unique skills, concepts and ideas are continuously being documented, protected, packaged and commercialized, intellectual properties are becoming a strategically important and growing part of the assets of a company.

Brann is a full-service IP firm specializing in Intellectual Property helping companies and individuals to create Intellectual Property Rights relating to new products, services, ideas, research, and computer programs in all fields of technology. Our extensive international experience and comprehensive expertise in the field of Intellectual Property can help you to take a holistic approach, and manage structural and intellectual capital in a business oriented and professional manner.

Intellectual Properties include e.g. patents for new products, methods and uses, trademarks for products and services, design protection for new designs and appearances, and domain names for use on the Internet. A Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) is an extension of the patent term for a pharmaceutical or a plant protection product that is protected by a patent, which product must undergo a special administrative procedure in order to be allowed to be put on the market.

Often, several different forms of Intellectual Property protection can be used in combination to protect different aspects of a product and its use.

Brann’s consultants are experts at optimizing the use of the various forms of IP protection to protect intellectual assets and create IP useful to your business.

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