Patent litigation

Often when patent rights are infringed intentionally or unintentionally the matter can be resolved through settlements and agreements. Many times the litigation may be a tool to simply make the other party negotiate. In other situations it may be necessary to go to court to solve the matter. In these different situations we have represented both the patent holders and the alleged infringers. Our patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law often collaborate closely in patent litigation matters.

Trademark and design litigation

Our experienced attorneys-at-law have managed a large number of both trademark and design litigations. The attorneys-at-law at Brann have represented clients from a variety of industries in all courts, including the Court of Justice of the European Union. A successful litigation provides the possibility for the holder of the rights to receive a compensation for unlawful use and compensation for additional damage for instance goodwill as well as reimbursement for legal costs.

Copyright, market disputes and disputes related to trade secrets

Our experienced attorneys-at-law have managed a large number of copyright disputes and disputes relating to trade secrets. The attorneys-at-law at Brann have represented clients from different industries in all courts. A successful dispute provides a possibility for the holder of the right to receive compensation for damages as well as reimbursement of legal costs.

Handling of complaints related to digital and social media and alternative dispute resolution for domain names

With the digital and social media global spread, the risk for different types of infringement has increased. The various digital and social media environments on the Internet have their own dispute resolution systems. However, our consultants have experience in handling different types of dispute resolution systems and thus know how to handle and stop infringement or damage of your intellectual property rights and goodwill in digital and social media. We also handle domain name disputes in accordance with the rules of ISS (Internet Foundation in Sweden) for alterative dispute resolution procedure for domain names, as well as under the UDRP rules (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy).