Gyros Protein Technologies

Gyros (Gyros Protein Technologies) is a global leader within miniaturized and automated immunoassays. Gyros’ immunoassay platform increases productivity in the entire developmental phase for protein drugs and vaccines by shortening analysis times and reducing the need for resources.

Leading global biopharma companies and contract research companies use Gyros’ platform to strengthen and increase effectivity of time-critical workflows and to comply with increasing regulatory requirements.

The applications cover the entire spectra of immunoassays. Automation and miniaturization increase the analysis capacity and make possible analyses where the amount of sample and reagents are limited. Methods can with ease be transferred between different phases of developmental projects, between sites and in a GxP environment in a for the technical field unique manner.

Brann is proud to be managing Gyros’ entire patent portfolio since many years back. The collaboration includes several different areas of expertise from Brann’s side, both within several technical fields as well as legal services.