Oppositions and invalidity actions

Patent opposition matters before the EPO and the PRV

An important aspect of a company’s IP strategy is the monitoring of patents in the field of technology or on the market on which the company operates. Monitoring of IP rights on important markets allows the identification of patents that perhaps should not have been granted. An opposition against such a patent can be filed with the Patent Office within nine months from the grant of the patent. Opposition proceedings are inter partes proceedings resulting in revocation, maintenance of the patent in its entirety or in amended form. An opposition can only be filed on certain grounds. We have thorough experience in filing and prosecuting oppositions before the EPO and the PRV within various technical areas. We prepare oppositions against patents, and defend patent proprietors against oppositions filed against a proprietor’s patent.

Trademark and design opposition and revocation before EUIPO and the PRV

It is important not only to enforce and monitor patent rights but also trademark and design rights. By monitoring newly published trademarks or designs you may detect rights that are similar to previously registered rights. An opposition may be a very effective tool in order to prevent the registration of a trademark or design that is similar to an earlier right. A registered trademark or design may also be subject to an application for revocation or invalidity filed with the EUIPO. Opposition and revocation actions against registered Swedish trademark may also be filed with the Swedish PTO. Our attorneys-at-law have a vast experience in handling these types of matters at PRV and EUIPO.