One of Brann’s full-service customers, Biomotif AB, focus are technologies to study biomolecules, and has, according to CEO Thorleif Lavold, been greatly helped by the collaboration with Brann.

“It is a pleasure to work with Brann. They provide not only the high quality you expect from a patent attorney or a legal attorney, but also in depth knowledge of the front line with Life Science technologies, for example mass spectrometry, chromatography and associated applications.”

– “The collaboration with Biomotif AB is a typical example of how Brann collaborates with our clients. We have a large number of patent attorneys and legal attorneys within our company and always strive to find the best team adapted to our client’s needs – we are extremely pleased that we can provide our clients the entire range of services needed, says Ida Christensen, European Patent Attorney at Brann.

For more information regarding Biomotif AB, please contact: Thorleif Lavold, CEO, Biomotif AB,