Vision, business concept and core values


Preferred IPR business partner in Sweden and Europe

Preferred: by clients in Sweden and abroad, by authorities, current and future employees, and by all other stakeholders. “Preferred” is the title given only to those considered to be the most competent, most efficient, most customer-focused, most cost-efficient at providing the required quality, and the best employer. It has nothing to do with being the biggest, most famous or cheapest. Image, market positioning and reputation are “fresh goods”: they take a long time to mature, but can quickly deteriorate.

IPR: This is our core business, our core competence and what we are to limit ourselves to. It covers patents, trademarks, copyright, design, corporate and IP law, commercial agreements and market law.

Business partner: We work on the basis of commissions paid by the hour as agents, advisors and consultants.

Sweden: We act for Swedish clients in Sweden and internationally.

Europe: We act for foreign clients and agents in Europe.

Business concept

Brann supplies consultancy services in the fields of intellectual property rights and IP law. In their work, Brann’s employees focus on value creation in the customer’s business through providing extended service in the form of interacting services within these areas.

On the basis of its market-conscious approach, highly skilled and motivated staff, modern technology, cost-efficiency and truly global network of contacts, Brann is to be one of the three leading intellectual property rights agencies in Sweden, as well as the first-hand choice in Europe for clients in Asia and the USA.

Core values

Openness: We have an open and personal attitude, we are accessible and flexible, and we provide our clients with in-depth insight so they can feel comfortable in their relationship with us.

Commitment: We value long-term relationships more highly than short-term services and we do our utmost to ensure that our clients are satisfied.

Professionalism: With our broad competence and experience, we provide our clients with the best possible quality.