Future-proof your IP portfolio

Today, IP decisions are equally important as any other strategic decision. That said, many companies have barely started to organise their intellectual assets. Brann appreciates that keeping track of your company’s IP portfolio can be a daunting challenge. So, as a complement to our full service IP law offering, Brann is pleased to offer IPR Control, a self-service, online administration tool, making it easier for you to keep track of your IP and stay updated on the details of your IP portfolio.

This intuitive tool puts your IP portfolio at your fingertips, including your internal-only information – in the context of your IP landscape. Simply log in to Brann’s secure portal to access your IP portfolio information anywhere, anytime. You can analyse the current status and the interrelated country-by-country filings of your IP collateral as soon as the information is available. You can also access and keep track of details about individual cases that you have with us at Brann, including documents and files linked to it. In collaboration with your consultant at Brann, you decide what level of IPR Control best serves your IP portfolio-administration needs.

IPR Control enables you to generate and share customised IP reports, quickly and easily throughout the company. On a personalised dashboard, view your IP portfolio by country, form of protection or product category, giving you a better sense what IP you already hold and how to make it serve your business objectives. This unique perspective and ability to deep dive into your IP data to uncover insights will allow decision makers across your organisation to grow, monitor and strategize your IP portfolio. IPR Control supports the full IP lifecycle of all IP asset categories, including patents, designs, and trademarks.

IPR Control at a glance:

  • Log in over a secure network to access your entire IP portfolio, anywhere, anytime
  • Review the status of all your IP assets
  • Keep track of and evaluate your IP portfolio based on country, form of protection or product category
  • Generate and share customised IP reports, quickly and easily

To help our clients quickly familiarise themselves with IPR Control, Brann offers personalized tutorials on numbers of the functions of the platform, including searching records and generating reports.

Gain better control of your IP portfolio today by contacting your IP consultant at Brann.