Adrian Celsi

Adrian Celsi Patent Attorney Tillbaka [...]

Adrian Celsi2024-03-26T18:46:04+01:00

Annika Unge

Annika Unge European Patent Attorney Tillbaka [...]

Annika Unge2023-04-21T12:00:18+02:00

Petter Tammela

Petter Tammela Patent Attorney Tillbaka [...]

Petter Tammela2022-12-08T10:31:18+01:00

Nils Sjöberg

Nils Sjöberg Partner - European Patent Attorney Back [...]

Nils Sjöberg2023-04-24T08:20:00+02:00

Ann Danared

Ann Danared Partner - Attorney-at-Law Back [...]

Ann Danared2021-06-24T13:55:02+02:00

Basse Asplund

Basse Asplund Partner - European Patent Attorney Back [...]

Basse Asplund2024-01-30T14:31:30+01:00

Annika Kilander

Annika Kilander Managing Partner - European Patent Attorney Back [...]

Annika Kilander2024-01-30T14:25:53+01:00

Tomas Johansson

Tomas Johansson Partner - European Trademark and Design Attorney Back [...]

Tomas Johansson2021-06-24T14:26:39+02:00

Harriet Allee

Harriet Allee Partner - European Patent Attorney Back [...]

Harriet Allee2023-03-21T09:32:54+01:00

Omar Baki

Omar Baki Partner - European Trademark and Design Attorney Back [...]

Omar Baki2024-01-30T14:33:29+01:00
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