On September 1, 2016, the new Swedish Patent and Market Courts will be established in Sweden. The courts will handle all cases relating to intellectual property law, competition law and market law. The Swedish Patent and Market Court will be a part of the District Court of Stockholm and the Appellant Court will be a part of Svea Court of Appeal.

Today, the Swedish judicial adjudication of intellectual property, competition law and marketing law are divided between the general court, general administrative court, Court of Patent Appeals and the Market Court.

Due to the fact that cases and matters within these areas are among the most complex and extensive in the Swedish courts, there has been a need to streamline and enhance the quality of the handling of these type of cases. The purpose of establishing these courts are thus to meet this need.

”We have awaited this reform for a decade now and at last we can expect uniformity in Swedish case law from the Swedish courts with regard to IP cases. This will indeed enhance predictability of the outcome of IP disputes in Sweden which is to the benefit of our clients”, says Brann’s Omar Baki who has over two decades of experience in IP litigation.

Brann’s experienced IP litigators will continue representing our clients before the new courts.

Should you have any questions with regard to the reform of the Swedish Courts, please contact Omar Baki, Partner at Brann.