IoT – “the Internet of Things”

IoT – always connected, always interconnected

Today, virtually all technical fields comprise connections to computers and software solutions in the form of e.g. database connections, controlling of processes and devices, or signal or data processing. We are also surrounded by more and more devices and arrangements that are connected, measure or collect data and enable connectivity and communication between devices, or between us and the devices, via “the Internet of Things” (IoT).

What makes IoT so relevant right now is probably that we have the possibility of constant connectivity and data collection, as smart sensors are becoming increasingly small and cheap and can easily be integrated into different types of technology, while at the same time the field of mobile technology and cloud services is well developed. In addition, methods for processing data is continuously developed, which enables all the collected data to be used in new, exciting and innovative ways.

By collecting data from smart sensors we are able to identify devices, locating devices, get context specific information, and process and communicate information. Thereby, it is possible to develop technologies e.g. enabling your car to notify you that it needs maintenance and possibly also that it has already made a service appointment, infrastructure solutions that monitors flow of traffic and people in urban environments and adapts the traffic light behavior after the movement of people or the needs of public transport, or maybe that your toaster sends you a text message to tell you that you forgot to unplug it. However, there is plenty left to invent.

IoT – a complex eco system

IoT is one of the fastest growing technology segments right now and includes a variety of techniques available for access and interconnection of almost all types of devices. Various reports forecast that by 2020 there will be about 26 billion devices connected to each other. This requires new, customized solutions for areas such as information acquisition, transmission, storage, encryption and processing of data. The large amount of data available (“big data”) often requires efficient, automated analysis and processing methods, based on e.g. “machine learning”, neurological networks, artificial intelligence (AI), etc. Communication between the various media in turn requires well-functioning interfaces machine-machine and machine-human, where the latter may include the use of for instance sound, light, image, haptics, graphical user interfaces (GUI’s), virtual reality (VR) and/or augmented reality (AR).

Understanding of the interconnection of the different areas of technology, with the application of IoT, requires technical expertise. Brann has a plurality of dedicated consultants competent in the area of IoT innovations.
More information about the Brann consultants with IoT competence is found below.

IoT and Brann client cases

Brann’s innovative clients are already creating smart, efficient and reliable IoT related solutions. Here are two examples:

Charge Amps has developed “Green Tech” based electrical vehicle supply equipment that can be controlled and monitored remotely using a cloud-based service.

Ngenic has created and developed a platform for the “intelligent home”, where heating of the house can be monitored and planned with the help of smart devices, apps and cloud-based services.

Brann’s IoT competence

If you want to know how we can help you create business value and competitive advantages based on your IoT innovation from an IP perspective, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. With our explicit technology focus we at Brann aim to always be in the forefront of knowledge and awareness of new technological advances. Our highly specialized and dedicated consultants will help your IP business grow in a nuanced and connected world.

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