Good Idea results in 46,8 million SEK

After years of research at Lund University, the company DoubleGood is now releasing their new healthy water. The flavoured water ‘Good Idea’ is enriched with amino acids and chrome and have been clinically proven to lower the blood sugar with 20-30 procent after a meal.

As their IP Law Firm we are proud to assist companies like DoubleGood whose goal is to create functional foods with health promoting properties. “Our good and long-term collaboration with DoubleGood has resulted in several important patent rights” – Nils Sjöberg, Patent Attorney for DoubleGood.

This fall the healthy drink will be launched in Sweden and selected areas of the US. The goal is to launch all over Europe within three years. “We have experience from the American market and did a trial launch for the product there before the pandemic hit. In the US there is a more distinctive focus around blood sugar due to the major problem of diseases of affluence they face”, says Elin Öste, CEO of DoubleGood. She continues “The new share issue is complete and consists of both Swedish and American investors”.

Text: Pixine Lyckner
Picture: Good Idea