As most of you are probably aware of, the UK has, after some turbulence, now finally decided to leave the EU as from February 1, 2020 – or has it? Well, not really yet… After the said date a transition period will be initiated, during which negotiations between the UK and the EU will continue and hopefully these negotiations will eventually result in an agreement acceptable to both parties, which will be applicable following the end of the transition period.

The transition period will expire on December 31, 2020, after which date the United Kingdom will as a matter of fact leave the EU with or without an agreement. However, until the end of this year it will basically be “business as usual” and the aforesaid also applies to the proprietors of EU trademarks and / or EU designs.

In short, no changes will take place as a result of BREXIT prior to the end of the transition period. We will return to the nature of these changes closer to the date. More information about the subject topic is provided here.

For further information on the subject, you may contact Mona Fankhauser.