Domain names

The internet is an increasingly important part of everybody’s daily life. Companies are presenting themselves on the internet, are offering their products and presenting their campaigns on the internet. To make it easier to find the address to a company’s home page you use a domain name.

Domain names are, as they correspond to a contact point to their holder, to be considered as an intellectual property right just as important as any other IP right, like patents, trademarks and design rights. Brann will assist you in securing the specific domain name that your company is entitled to or needs, and also in forming strategies for the internet and your domain names.

Your domain name is your company’s personal address on the internet. It is built in a hierarchical structure in levels of top domain, second level domain and third level domain. .se for Sweden, .de for Germany and .org for non-profit organizations are examples of top domains. Brann, Ericsson etc are examples of second level domains, and the word varumarke in is an example of a third level domain. Domain name is the key to maintain a home page for a company as well as maintaining an e-mail correspondence to anybody outside the company.