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About Brann

BRANN AB was established in 1949.The company's founder, Dr Ludwig Brann, came to Sweden shortly before the second world war as an emigrant. He was already then an established and experienced patent attorney. Thanks to his great knowledge in intellectual property right and with help of a large international network, he managed to develop the business to become one of Sweden's leading patent agencies.

Today Brann has about 60 employees of which half are qualified attorneys dealing with patent, design, trademark and copyright matters lawyers and translators. The business covers patents, trademarks, designs law and copyright as well as litigation and agreements and other matters concerning marketing and competition law. In all these areas Brann offers qualified services and counselling.

Brann holds about 60.000 patents, designs and trademarks in trust, applications or already granted or registered, in Sweden and abroad.

Brann has about 4.000 active customers/clients. They include Swedish companies, private persons, foreign direct clients or patent and trademark agents, associates with whom we co-operate on behalf of Swedish or foreign clients.


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